Island of Krapanj, Croatia - Sunset

Photos taken with Cokin Circular Polarizer and Cokin Sepialight filters (without Photoshop).


On top of it all

The view of this majestic mountain was provided by 70-300 IS USM lens by Canon, and was shot from center of the city, Salt Lake City that is. During the winter of 2008 Salt Lake City had an average of 2-3 feet of snow a week, snow storms would sow up every other day on some weeks, and paralyze the city for the brief moment. Snow plow crews, the annoying heroes of everyday commute would start cleaning during the storm and continue well after the storm passed.
The redness of the sunset is attributed to the clouds on the west side of the valley, the big red ball of fire would do it's best in penetrating them, showering red light on the white mountains.