Venice without the tourists

Waking up early allows you to enjoy Venice without the tourists that crowd St. Mark Square everyday. The above photos I took around 6:30AM, just off St. Mark Square, note the wooden platforms against the acquas altas which flood this area of Venice several times a year. ^_^;;

Welcome to the islands

boy on a hill IIiso:100 aperture:f/9.0 exposure:1/160 focal:16.0mm
boy on a hill II, sulawesi, indonesia

Welcome to the islands ;)

rock in ground, ulu watu, baliiso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/125 focal:7.0mm
rock in ground, ulu watu, bali, indonesia

village danau batur, kintamani, baliiso:100 aperture:f/5.6 exposure:1/320 focal:150.0mm
village at danau batur, kintamani, bali, indonesia

grilled fish, makassar, sulawesiiso:800 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/6 focal:14.0mm
grilled fish, makassar, sulawesi, indonesia

ferris wheel, makassar, sulawesiiso:100 aperture:f/3.5 exposure:1/6 focal:14.0mm
ferris wheel, makassar, sulawesi, indonesia

inner roof of mosque (masjid), yogyakartaiso:200 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/6 focal:7.0mm
inner roof of mosque (masjid), yogyakarta, indonesia

remains of prembanan, yogyakartaiso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/160 focal:7.0mm
remains of prembanan, yogyakarta, indonesia

coral on rock, gili trawangan, lombokiso:80 aperture:f/3.5 exposure:1/200 focal:6.7mm
coral on rock, gili trawangan, lombok, indonesia

pasar malam kecil, gili trawangan, lombokiso:100 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/40 focal:7.0mm
pasar malam kecil, gili trawangan, lombok, indonesia

boy in canoe, labuhan bajo, floresiso:100 aperture:f/4.5 exposure:1/200 focal:134.0mm
boy in canoe, labuhan bajo, flores, indonesia

vulcanic isle, labuhan bajo, floresiso:100 aperture:f/6.3 exposure:1/200 focal:40.0mm
vulcanic isle, labuhan bajo, flores, indonesia

© Copyright // Rick Wezenaar Photography ~ All rights reserved

Let's Wake Up in Early Morning

Let's Wake Up in Early Morning and take photos



18th of November, Oman's National Day

These are photos I took on the 18th of November at my former school (was invited to the National day celebration.)
These were random since I was in a hurry. And I had to reduce the quality since I have had forgotten my camera's memory card at home ,XD.

Peak District, England

Shed alongside the Pennine Way in the Peak District.


© Silvia Bukovac Gasevic


© Silvia Bukovac Gasevic


iso:100 aperture:f/7.1 exposure:1/100 focal:14.0mm
kids from the kampung, sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/6.3 exposure:1/80 focal:14.0mm
kid having loads of fun, kampung, sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/9.0 exposure:1/160 focal:14.0mm
fishermans boats on beach, sumbawa, indonesia

iso:125 aperture:f/5.6 exposure:1/80 focal:45.0mm
life is good (according to LG ;)),sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/200 focal:45.0mm
moon over sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/10.0 exposure:1/320 focal:36.0mm
sunlight behind the mountain, sumbawa, indonesia

© Copyright // Rick Wezenaar Photography ~ All rights reserved

Light from the heaven

I adjust color temperature to +/-8000 K, -1 exposure, adjust to highest contrast level and select light metering zone at the sky. I did not use the ND filter because I don't have it : ( so I lost the detail of the ground area. Let try, it can change your image feeling so much.

DSM : )

Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market series

A very popular tourist attraction in Tokyo is the Tsukiji fish market, just next to Ginza. Most of the fun for the photographer, IMO, are the small streets with the tiny shops and sushi restaurants and the incredible traffic of the vehicles transporting fish.
For some reason I ended up with a camera loaded with a 50 ASA film (Ilford PAN F+) on a rainy morning causing me lots of problems. ^_^;;

Sunset views in Singapore

Sunset photos from Changi Boardwalk , at the eastern tip of Singapore.

Indonesia ~ People Part 1

iso:400 aperture:f/4.5 exposure:1/320 focal:150.0mm
young dancer, bali, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/5.6 exposure:1/160 focal:45.0mm
boys leaning over wall, bali

iso:160 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/10 focal:14.0mm
my friend showing me how to drink bintang beer (makassar, indonesia)
(As if I didn't know :P)

iso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/160 focal:23.0mm
local fisherman holding flying fish, makassar, indonesia

© Copyright // Rick Wezenaar Photography ~ All rights reserved

BTS Sky Train

People go back home by taking BTS skytrain.


this is not a great photo. Just wanted to share it. check out the skulls on the right. they ware formed by the foam from the water. this photo was taken at Steamer's Lane, Santa Cruz.

Kamikochi - Taishoike

Rowboats in the mud on the Taishoike pond in Kamikochi Japan after typhoon #9 struck the area.

Camera: Pentax *ist DS, lens: Sigma 18-50mm F2.8 EX DC MACRO


© Silvia Bukovac Gasevic

Chicago Downtown Night Shots

Keep taking photos : )
Any comments are welcome : )