A night landscape of the Singapore Central Business District, Esplanade and Marina Bay area, part of the upcoming F1 Singapore GP route, commencing in 2008. Many more exciting adventures and events coming to Singapore, do keep a lookout !


cecyl - brittany - france said...


beautiful photos
beautiful blog

can we exchange ours links please

thanks to leave me a comment in my blog to say me ok

Jinghui said...

Thank you for viewing and leaving a kind comment !

I have added your blog to mine!

Happy blogging and take many photos !

Ladykin said...

I am liking the view, yet its waaay too grainyy..

Jinghui said...

It's a bit grainy especially in the background.

I would look out for this pointer and test out on different ISO while mounted on a solid tripod.

Nevertheless, thanks for your viewing and kind comments !

David said...

This is an inspiring photo, night photos in the city have a certain flavour to them that is different from anything else. Must be a combination of the longer exposure giving a soft glow to the scene and the contrasting lighting.

Thanks for linking to my blog, I will set up a link to yours too. This worldwide photographers blog looks interesting, and I really like the template.

See you later,


Jinghui said...

G'day David,

Nice of you to drop by and big thanks for your kind comments!

Do join this blog too ! Hope to see you here often !

Cheers, mate !