Chicago Downtown Night Shots

Keep taking photos : )
Any comments are welcome : )


Rick Wezenaar said...

aaahh!!! the buildings are falling down!!! wwIII?


great shots, digital! great lighting, and I definitively love the reflections in the water ! However, you can make it perfect by using photoshop to correct the perspective by setting the buildings straight up again.

because when you tilt a camera backwards, your field of view tilts with it. buildings tend to lean backwards that way. An architecture photographer would use a TC (Technical Camera) to correct the perspective at shooting time. Since not all photographers have a TC, we have to rely on software like photoshop sometimes...R.

Ladykin said...

Lovely, I'd do what Rick over here suggested, **not that I would have thought about it ;P** But it makes complete sense ..

DigitalShutterMania said...

Hi Rick,

Thanks for your comment and recommedation. I will try to correct the distortion with PS.