Lee Da Hae

Lee Da Hae: Korean Super Star


Ladykin said...

I am liking the 1st shot. It looks so natural. Actually they all do look natural,Its probably the waving and the whole pose that I am liking.
Who is she ?!

Meticulousness said...

I'll have to agree, the first shot looks stunning and natural too.

Ladykin, she's a Korean actress.

DigitalShutterMania said...

Ladykin and Meticulousness, thanks for your comments : ) She is very famous Korean actress.

Laurent said...

I think I like the whole set, because the focus on the actress is good.
The photos would have been better with an eye contact with her... anyway I still like them , good work dude.

DigitalShutterMania said...

Laurent, I absolutely agree with your nice comment. I tried to have better photo with an eye contact with her but there was so crowed people and I was not in the good position. I tried very hard to get the photos with her eye contact with my camera but I could not make it. Anyway I will improve my skill next time.

Have a nice day.