iso:100 aperture:f/7.1 exposure:1/100 focal:14.0mm
kids from the kampung, sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/6.3 exposure:1/80 focal:14.0mm
kid having loads of fun, kampung, sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/9.0 exposure:1/160 focal:14.0mm
fishermans boats on beach, sumbawa, indonesia

iso:125 aperture:f/5.6 exposure:1/80 focal:45.0mm
life is good (according to LG ;)),sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/200 focal:45.0mm
moon over sumbawa, indonesia

iso:100 aperture:f/10.0 exposure:1/320 focal:36.0mm
sunlight behind the mountain, sumbawa, indonesia

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Hoshisato said...

I really love the 'moon over sumbawa' photo; very nicely composed. Gefeliciteerd.

Rick Wezenaar said...

hoshisato: Dank je wel. Didn't know you spoke Dutch :D where did you learn that ?


Ladykin said...

I love the litte dude with a guitar and the last shot. Perfect :D!

DigitalShutterMania said...

Rick, I reall love the forth (guitar boy) and sixth ones (Ray of Light). Thanks for sharing the nice photos

Rick Wezenaar said...

ladykin :: Thanks :D

dsm :: Thanks and you're welcome :D