Different Countries, Different Ways

iso:200 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/8 focal:7.0mm
Changi Airport, Singapore

iso:100 aperture:f/5.0 exposure:1/160 focal:40.0mm
Koln, Germany

iso:80 aperture:f/4.2 exposure:1/125 focal:10.3mm

iso:100 aperture:f/7.1 exposure:1/160 focal:27.0mm
Delft, The Netherlands

iso:100 aperture:f/7.1 exposure:1/160 focal:35.0mm
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

iso:100 aperture:f/5.6 exposure:1/400 focal:100.0mm
Delft, The Netherlands

© Copyright // Rick Wezenaar Photography ~ All rights reserved


Ladykin said...

Netherland: A Hot country . hot as in hot.
Loving the Germany building, totally the opposite of how you'd feel when u are at the top of a mountain :D!

Rick Wezenaar said...

*ouch* It is wet and quite cold here right now, you know ;)

Thanks for the compliments :D


Ladykin said...

Aw, dude I didnt mean the temperature hot :P!

DigitalShutterMania said...

Nice and interesting photos. Thanks for sharing this excellent post.

Cheer :)

Rick Wezenaar said...

Ladykin: I knew :P gheghe...:D

Digital: Thanks !