It was built to be on the road, it finished in a field.
f4 | 1/2500 | ISO 200 | 10mm

At Sir Edmond's Funeral

I was only able to take one photo since my camera's battery was dead. The place was crowded even though this was not really in the cathedral, it was in some park by the mesuem of Auckland (New Zealand).

This was taken on the 22nd of this month..

River landscape

Still the same day as my previous post but this time in b/w, taken with an Ilford FP4 ISO 125/22 film.

Capture The Eyes Episode 1

Eyes tell everything as happiness, sad, lonely, etc. I try to practice how to capture the eyes so please feel free to comment.
This is a normal wallpaper size (1024x768) so please feel free to download if you love my photo.


Leaf photos with compact digital camera

My father bought the compact digital camera, Canon A570 IS, for my sister. It's such an handy and budget digital compact camera, however, its performance is very good. You can play with creative modes which are M, AV, TV as same as DSLR camera and many auto modes.I took some leaf photos with this camera and I hope you will love my photos from our small compact digital camera.

Out of the fog

Christmas card-like photo of a couple in a snowy road

After days of fog and frost, the sun came out to turn this part of Holland into a magical wonderland.

Best wishes for the New Year and let's hope we all get that one photo of which we have been dreaming.