Capture The Eyes Episode 1

Eyes tell everything as happiness, sad, lonely, etc. I try to practice how to capture the eyes so please feel free to comment.
This is a normal wallpaper size (1024x768) so please feel free to download if you love my photo.



Laurent said...

Judging by her face's expression she looks kinda sad or annoyed. But I agree with you eyes speak a lot more.
again a nice post, she's got an interesting face (most of old people do) because their faces catch more the light and have interesting textures.

Anna said...

Hey DSM you are here too, I stumble on this blog because someone came through this blog to my blog, I recognized the photo, lol. Wow, what a coincidence. Anna :)

Peter M said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog post, you too have some stuning interesting photographs, keep taking them

Sharon said...

Hi DSM. This is a great photok great depth and feeling.

K M F said...

its wounderfull portrite