Light from the heaven

I adjust color temperature to +/-8000 K, -1 exposure, adjust to highest contrast level and select light metering zone at the sky. I did not use the ND filter because I don't have it : ( so I lost the detail of the ground area. Let try, it can change your image feeling so much.

DSM : )


Hoshisato said...

I love the shot, congrats!

Rick Wezenaar said...

you wrote:

" I lost the detail of the ground area..."

If you want that, you could use a tripod and make 2 pictures, one like this one, and one with lighting on the ground area (make sure you dont move the camera so both pictures are taken on exactly the same spot). Then use photoshop later to combine the images together.

However, this technique is not always needed and sometimes even overdone.

Your picture here is excellent. Doesn't need the ground area.


DigitalShutterMania said...

Hoshisato, thanks for your commending : )

Thanks very much Rick for your recommendation. I have my RAW file so I can play with exposure and combine them later.


swordie said...

wow... i can learn a lot from here.

Serge Nanovsky said...

HDR would work like a charm here even though the image itself is amazing :)