Ancient Zhou Zhuang Water Canal Town

I visited Shanghai in January 2007 and went to Ancient Zhou Zhuang Water Canal Town. This wonderful place is located in Jiangsu province, China and it is UNESCO Heritage Listed.

The world is expanding and growing so fast, capitalisation, commercialisation and many different changes. Let's all make an effort to appreciate our history and landmarks in our home country and our neighbours around the whole wide world.


Ladykin said...

Lovely, I thought Vennice (sp.?!), is the only Water Canal Town!

Aw there is a mall in Qatar, Doha (Villagio). It carries a water canal town theme! Simple lovely.

Villagio mall photos:

DigitalShutterMania said...

Interesting photo and post. I wish I could visit there: )

Rick Wezenaar said...

I love the second shot. It is a sooo typical 'village view' :)

mental note: "book holiday to china someday soon again"


ps. for the viewers amoung us with a not so large screen as you and I have, maybe it is better to scale the pictures down to (for instance) 640x480 (or 480x640) :P ... just a thought...

Jinghui said...

Hello everybody !

Ladykin: Thanks for the links, now I learned there are a number of water canal towns in the world !

Digitalshuttermania: It's a lovely and historical place to visit ! Do go if you have the chance !

Rick Wezenaar: Thanks for your kind comments ! Thanks for the point you brought up, would look into it when I post my works up.