Welcome to the islands

boy on a hill IIiso:100 aperture:f/9.0 exposure:1/160 focal:16.0mm
boy on a hill II, sulawesi, indonesia

Welcome to the islands ;)

rock in ground, ulu watu, baliiso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/125 focal:7.0mm
rock in ground, ulu watu, bali, indonesia

village danau batur, kintamani, baliiso:100 aperture:f/5.6 exposure:1/320 focal:150.0mm
village at danau batur, kintamani, bali, indonesia

grilled fish, makassar, sulawesiiso:800 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/6 focal:14.0mm
grilled fish, makassar, sulawesi, indonesia

ferris wheel, makassar, sulawesiiso:100 aperture:f/3.5 exposure:1/6 focal:14.0mm
ferris wheel, makassar, sulawesi, indonesia

inner roof of mosque (masjid), yogyakartaiso:200 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/6 focal:7.0mm
inner roof of mosque (masjid), yogyakarta, indonesia

remains of prembanan, yogyakartaiso:100 aperture:f/8.0 exposure:1/160 focal:7.0mm
remains of prembanan, yogyakarta, indonesia

coral on rock, gili trawangan, lombokiso:80 aperture:f/3.5 exposure:1/200 focal:6.7mm
coral on rock, gili trawangan, lombok, indonesia

pasar malam kecil, gili trawangan, lombokiso:100 aperture:f/4.0 exposure:1/40 focal:7.0mm
pasar malam kecil, gili trawangan, lombok, indonesia

boy in canoe, labuhan bajo, floresiso:100 aperture:f/4.5 exposure:1/200 focal:134.0mm
boy in canoe, labuhan bajo, flores, indonesia

vulcanic isle, labuhan bajo, floresiso:100 aperture:f/6.3 exposure:1/200 focal:40.0mm
vulcanic isle, labuhan bajo, flores, indonesia

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DigitalShutterMania said...

I love all of them especially the first one. Did you process the photo or using the zoom technique?


Rick Wezenaar said...



I processed the first one, being one of an artistic series of this boy.