Nothing sounds more romantic than to uncover your emotion amidst the balmy breeze of sweet Jasmine.


Ladykin said...

Owkaaay:D! I LOVE JASMINES ;D!!!
from a photographic eye (yes yes phrasing my self,) anyhoww, what u could have done was not centre the jasmine, if it was more to the right or left that would have been priceless ! But I love jasmines, so thumbs up !

Meticulousness said...

I see what you're getting at! Will give that a shot and see what will it end up like. Though if you'd like to have this one as a wallpaper then I'll provide you a link to it.

Thanks a bunch, Ladykin!

JuiceMag said...

Jasmine is a symbol of the Mother's Day in Thailand. I love it!tal

Rick Wezenaar said...

Hi Metic,

I hate to be a spoiler of some sorts, but...As far as I can see the photo is not entirely sharp. perhaps a bit more field of depth (eg. increase your aperture value a bit) could have helped here.


Meticulousness said...

Exactly what I had in mind, Rick.

Mine is a compact digital Cybershot, not a DSLR so having a detailed macro shot is not an easy task with such a camera.

I'm yet experimenting around and am hopping for better results as I proceed.

Thanks mate!