Jazz street musicians in London

Jazz street musicians in London

The Embankment in London, close to the London Eye, is usually packed with jugglers, magicians, living statues and all kinds of attractions trying to make a couple of pounds off the tourists. Today these two trumpetists and their drummer spiced up things a lot underneath the Hungerford bridge for natural amplification with some hot jazz.

The image above was compiled out of three photos. I didn't have the intention to stitch the photos together when I took them, but I discovered that there was enough overlap to do so. The only problem left was that if I wanted some space above the guy on the left, I needed to fill in the space above the head of the guy on the right as the angles had been different. Luckily a third photo provided me with enough of the underside of the bridge to make it work (for the not too critical eye).


Laurent said...

Hi I think the stitch is well done though (lol comparing to my poor post work skills).
I think the fact the guys are cropped is not a good point for the image, maybe taking the photo a bit further so as to have the whole scene would have been better.
Just a thought I had while looking at the pix ^^

Street Photography said...

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