Discovering Southern Ridges of Singapore

2 new iconic and prominent bridges were officially opened, connecting the Southern Ridges of Singapore together, between Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park.

Alexandra Arch Bridge

Henderson Wave Bridge

New locations to enjoy different sceneries of Southern Singapore !


Dan S said...

beautiful photos! I'm adding you to my favorite blogs folder. I'll be back.

Rick Wezenaar said...

Hi there,

Yes, they are nice photo's. However, I would have choosen a view where the sun shines on the subject. These photo's are taking with backlight, which makes it harder to see the actual object. Nonetheless, still nice pictures.


Jinghui said...

Hi dan & rick,

Thanks for your kind comments ! Really appreciate them !

Rick - You had a very good point there, would take from the other side when the sun shines on the subject(if the terrain allows, need to explore).