Fryslan ~ 10th may 2008

Sun about to set...iso: 100 aperture: f/7.1 exposure: 0.0001 s (1/8000) focal: 60.0mm
Sun about to set, Afsluitdijk, The Netherlands

Fryslan: see this article.

Sailboat in Lemmer, Fryslaniso: 100 aperture: f/8.0 exposure: 0.0063 s (1/160) focal: 7.0mm
Sailboat in Lemmer, Fryslan

(Very) Old  Tractoriso: 100 aperture: f/8.0 exposure: 0.013 s (1/80) focal: 7.0mm
(Very) Old Tractor

Sailboat, Fryslaniso: 100 aperture: f/8.0 exposure: 0.0012 s (1/800) focal: 150.0mm
Sailboat, Fryslan

Hindeloopeniso: 100 aperture: f/7.1 exposure: 0.0031 s (1/320) focal: 12.0mm
Hindeloopen, Fryslan

Sjoerd making a picture of meiso: 100 aperture: f/7.1 exposure: 0.167 s (1/6) focal: 12.0mm
Sjoerd making a picture of me, Workum, Fryslan

De steen van Greate Pier (Big Peters rock)iso: 100 aperture: f/8.0 exposure: 0.0040 s (1/250) focal: 7.0mm
De steen van Greate Pier (Big Peters rock), Warns, Fryslan

Reflections on the wateriso: 100 aperture: f/22.0 exposure: 0.0012 s (1/800) focal: 300.0mm
Reflections on the water, Afsluitdijk, Netherlands

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Laurent said...

Hi Rick :)
I like very much the one with the sea , the dawning (last one in the serie). Of course the others are great aswell.
You seem to have always new shoots to show, keep up the good work !

Rick Wezenaar said...

hey laurent,

I am just a freak regarding photography :P


Thanks for your nice compliments!

~ Rick

Ladykin said...

I am starting to beleive I have a thing for boats ;$! "Sailboat" << this one looks really good I can imagine the feel of the sea breeze :D!