Empire of the sun

Two specks of nothing bathed in light of the evening sun are airplanes, going down at Salt Lake International Airport. The redness of the light is partially due to the haze that plagues Salt Lake valley on certain days, the valley has not seen the rain for the past month.

Empire of the sun

The light from the setting sun lights the clouds in most amazing colors, creating a spectacle for eyes.

Last Light

Sunset on the Great Salt Lake with slight wind and a nice filter gives you a picture perfect moments.

Going down in style


Rick Wezenaar said...

Hi Vas,

Nice work!

~ Rick

Laurent said...

NIce sunsets & good composition (though it's classic)

VAS said...

Well thank you Rick, i used my 30D and average 18-55 mm canon lens to shoot this ones

Graphics world said...

What a great shot! Thanks!!!

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