The northern Venice

Well I've visited the both cities and the only common thing that came to my mind are the canals... Anyway I hope you'll enjoy the photos

Madame Tussaud - Amsterdam

I've never seen such a big bike parking

Critiques and comments are more than welcome


Carol Cooper said...

WOW, I just love the bike photo, I had to really look and look to see what it was, until I read the caption below the photo. Amazing depth!

Rick Wezenaar said...

Hi Laurent,
I like the bike picture aswell. Great bokeh!

The chess pieces from Max Euweplein here in Amsterdam are great too. What lens did you use ?

~ Rick

Laurent said...

Hi Rick,

definitly you can do beautiful photos with so much bikes and of course bikers ;)
I used a 10mm lens for the chess pieces, well it's silly from my part cause I mainly used it to do street photography (gosh) my other lens 35 mm, was on another 350D lent to my friend :(. I hope the fotos taken with the tri-x 400 will give decent results (on a super pentax ME+55mm )

Thanks for the commment :)

Sadia Hussain said...

Empire of the Sun is just awesome. Recently on a holiday tried capturing a similar scene but could not. Would love to paint it.