My Little Pony

Little Pony

My Little Pony: The Princess Promenade (2006):

(Pinkie Pie and Minty are building a pink and green parade float. Wysteria, Spike and the Breezies arrive)

Pinkie Pie: What do ya think? Have I captured it?
Zipzee: Yes, and you might consider setting it free.
Spike: I suppose that depends on what it is.
Pinkie Pie: It's a pink balloon of course!
Zipzee: Of course! Interesting use of pink added to pink and of course... there's all the pink..


Serge Nanovsky said...

Aww, that's one cute little pony :) as to me, I'm collecting toy cows :) the look similar to this one, and are very cute and cozy too :)

Ladykin said...

Thanks :D!
Great, yuou might want to share your toy cows :D!

Meticulousness said...

Loved the glittery look at the pony. Although you missed a spot at the upper-right side of the photo.

A great shot!