The Village Weaver

The Village Weaver, is a beautiful yellow bird. The female Weaver almost has the same shape and color of a sparrow except it has yellow mixed into its plumage. It’s called Weaver Bird because it literally weaves a nest out of palm tree leaves, quite something to see.

The Village Weaver


Ladykin said...

Where is the bird :P??? Can't find it.

Jack said...

If only you had it zoomed,then it would end up looking spectacular.

A wonderful introduction however, keep this community running.

Ladykin said...

Yes! I totally agree with jack *found the bird now* .

Laurent said...

Hi Jack,

I thought it was a monkey at the first sight but now I've looked closer yes it's a bird. Maybe a close up would have been welcome.

Meticulousness said...

Apologies for my tardy reply. This photo has been taken with a Sony DSC – P150. Not that much of a powerful lens if you ask me.

I was lucky to alter that moment, for the bird have flew away in a flash right after. Thank you all for your comments.

This is a humble shot after all *smiles*