“I, a woman have dropped the symbols of my sex, Yarn, shuttle, basket, thread”
~Olympia Morata

Yarn 1

Yarn 2

It took me ages to put the Yarn in that nearly circular shape! Hope it's looking good *fingers crossed*.


Serge Nanovsky said...

amazing thingie :) But I would close the aperture tighter to make more details, since it's a macro, then it would own any photostock :)
f/9.0 would do it... and try putting it in a lightbox (you can make it with few A3 white papersheets and 2 lamps on each side... so you can get an "isolated on white" style photo :)
But great idea and object. :)

Ladykin said...

Aww thanks That's really really helpfull. Yet, I do deal with a very compact *non-pro* camera. A sony N2, yet I can adjust the focus or shutter thing or whtever to f/9.0 .. Will try it out some other time:D! thanks!

Serge Nanovsky said...

Autofocus will be okay, you don't need to manually focus, especially if it's a compact cam. Shutter speed is the value that will expose your sensor (film) for a given amount of time (the less value means faster speed and means less light coming through the lens). The aperture is the value that gives you the needed depth of field.. the more the number, the more details you get in the picture. Lower value gives you less details in the picture and creates a blurry background (nice for portraits). When it comes to macro, you would love to have more details of the object covered and when your object is pretty close to the lens, you don't need to worry too much about the background, it will be blurry anyways being few centimeters away from the object. I'm not sure if I'm saying it clearly, but hope it will help :)

Ladykin said...

Thats actually very helpful. I had it on spot focus. so basically I had the focus on the yarn ball and it was on f/2.8 ..

Meticulousness said...

Agreed with Sergre, you’re improving day by day. That photo would surely find its way in any photostock. Loved it, the combination of the yarn and the background are fabulous.

Its so refreshing, I’m actually using it as my desktop background.

P.S. Thanks for the guidelines Sergre, that could become handy!