Phrasimahathat Temple (Wat Yai)

Phrasimahathat Temple (Wat Yai) is one of the royal temples in Thailand. It is located on Budhabucha rd., Nai Maeung Tumbon by the east of Nan river in Phisanulok province, Thailand. Normally, local people call "Wat Yai" or "Wat Prasi". It is the center of Buddhist people for local people in Phisanulok provice and all people in Thailand. People every part of Thailand come to the temple in order to worship the principle image of Buddha is called "Pra Budhachinnaraj" or "Loung Phor Yai" which is the most beautiful image of Buddha in Thailand. Moreover there are many images Buddha (Pra) which Thai people always respect too in the temple.

Note: "Pra" in Thai means an image of buddha or monk.

Pra Budhachinaraj (Above)


Ladykin said...

Nice, never really been to Thiland.
Are they real glod?!

DigitalShutterMania said...

Not 100 % gold. The thin gold layer is covered the images of Buddha. : )

Ladykin said...

Gold or not, everything is so detailed! loving the photography and the work!

Meticulousness said...

You managed to portray it with details. That’s a great set to highlight your visit; it’s superb in terms of photography and informative too. Thank you!

Thailand Property said...

What the fascinating pictures!!
These Phrasimahathat Temples are awesome. Are they characterize something? And how old are them?
You made me want to visit this fascinating country, full of magic and mystic places.