Location : Saint Etienne - FRANCE
A spiral staircase taken with my 10 mm lens, it gives a nice architectural shoot to my mind and it also turns out to be very practical for wheelchairs.


Meticulousness said...

Beautiful shot.

You've got the lighting and the composition bang on, and managed to fit as much detail into the shot as you possibly could. Wow!

DigitalShutterMania said...

Nice composition especially you present your photo in B/W shot.

Ladykin said...

A shot which is capable of making u go all dizzy. The photo taking position is giving me this "the building is slanted", just like that building in Italy (The Pisa or something I suppose) . A good thing, loving it :D!

Serge Nanovsky said...

Agree with Ladykin - going dizzy right away :)))

Laurent said...

I'm glad you like it :D
I definitly love strange type of architecture and still look forward others structures I could shoot.

the distorsion provided by the 10 mm on the 'circles' make them look like slanted (as you said).
by the way, is it possible to have a look at your blogspot? I don't find it :(
I've been visiting the blogs of the contributors in here but didn't have the time to post comments yet.

Ladykin said...

Laurent I havent actually been a blogger fan, so you can say I am new to blogging and this is actually the only blog I post in.